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RDJS7G6SSGThis fix resolves a problem where a mail message with new line characters in the subject line that is processed by a "reply to sender" simple actions...
AKNX7KWU8W DXLExporter Export method was crashing on specific documents that contain corrupted, fragmented or empty .bmp images embedded in...
MNAA7NX9CKWhen you create a "Names" field, and check the "Look up addresses on document refresh" setting of the field option on the properties, and then export...
CAPL7SPRVQLotusScript method NotesRichTextNavigator.SetPositionAtEnd was not setting the position of a NotesRichTextNavigator as expected. This was fixed in...
MMAY7NBPJLDomino Designer versions 8.0.x may not successfully import Web Service Description Language (WSDL) documents that include certain namespaces with...
IFAY7Q9J2WPaste is ghosted out when trying to copy/paste an action to a shared action
ATHS76Y7K7Create/Inserting a Shared Action from a folder returns a list that is not sorted
DPOL7NSGJPIn certain situations eclipse workspace files could get corrupt and cause Designer not to Launch
RDJS7S9MRUBlinking cursor sometimes goes missing in Designer's programmer's pane after certain focus changes
VMAA7LXRK7Notes ID Password needs to be re-entered when opening Designer from the Admin client
VMAA7SEJVHPre-8.5 Designer and Notes Client ignores all actions listed after newly added 8.5 system actions
PHAN7QGFXMCanceling the Rename dialog for a Custom Control creates errors on the XPages that the Custom Control is used on
PHAN7QWBL8Javascript editor options - such as compute dynamically - need to be made available for select items
DJON7PVUTXDuring an interim build, a plug in containing miscelaneous designer features did not install poperly, causing the Designer installation to be...
GTHL7L6SRCPrior to the fixes, building the index for Designer help was taking a very long time, making initial references to help inconvenient.. Changes have...
DOCR7TBN2UPrior to the fix, when the navigator window was not large enough to contain the entire list of design items (forms), deleting the last item caused...
AGUD7QWJLRPrior to this ifx, New working sets could not be created because the list of database to include was not populated. After the fix, the list is...
ASAI7TPHXZPrior to this fix, images placed on an XPage fromthe filesystem whose names contain spaces, would display in the Designer as an irrelevant icon. ...
MLED7NS52RThe XPage view picker dropdown is easier to use by now showing more than 3 views at a time
PHAN7Q4K6DGet error on XPage when applying styles to a a view panel's header or footer
MLED7T6JEZXPage Script Dialog now has a maximize button to make it more usable
JHAM7SPLEVIn interim builds, reorganization of the JRE caused prblems with compilation of valid Java. These problems have been corrected, and valid Java now...
IFAY7SV9U7Agents which were enabled programmatically did not display as enabled in the Designer. Changes were made to cause the Designer to reflect the...
KPAL7PQ4SRPrior to the fix, custom control visualization was not disposing of GDI handles properly, causing a memory leak that worsened over time. Fix...
VMAA7KUQYDThe XPage control palette doesn't always reflect a custom control's new name after it has been renamed
JPIK7QMR4DUsing 'Now' for validation on a date/time control has been removed since there has always been a more logical way to do the same...


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